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Co-Founder of Nutricraft, a mum and a wife, health advocate of safe and toxin-free cooking, entrepreneur, empire builder, and real state investor.

Judith is a multi-award winning entrepreneur and who has been selected by Brainz Magazine as one of a total of  500 Companies, Entrepreneurs, Influential Leaders and Business Owners recognized for their entrepreneurial success, achievements or dedication to help others.

She can be described in many ways and one of her strong qualities is resilience. Her resilience in business leadership and management over the years reflects her innovative mindset, driven character, and humanitarian spirit.

Being an accomplished businesswoman has proven her commitment, determination, and passion. Being a mother of two teenage children has drawn her an inspiring journey as a budding entrepreneur when she started dreaming until her current success in helping others. She has received several awards in recognition of her notable achievements in the business and product innovation category.

Together with her husband, they have founded and established Nutricraft in Australia. Since the inception of Nutricraft, they have envisioned a business that cares about the nutrition, health, and wellness of consumers. Thus, the advocacy for safe, smart, and healthy cooking has been integrated with their business philosophy.
Life-Changing education to transform, rewire and nourish a healthy Mind, Body, Brain and Spirit through informed strategies, real food nutrition and practical healthy tips.
We are delighted to share the experience of our happy customers around the world.
We remain strong in our commitment to product development, service excellence, and nutrition education.
We are here to help you in fulfilling your goals in nutrition, health, and wellness.


I enjoy cooking at home more than ever.  I enjoy eating healthy meals. It is worth to try.


I am surprised how it helped me to lose weight.  I  highly recommend it to a diabetic like me.


I do not worry about cooking for my children anymore because I know it is safe, clean, and nutritious.


I used it when I was studying culinary arts.  I am still using it for my catering business. Really amazing!


I gave it as an anniversary gift to my retired parents.  They are having a wonderful time in their kitchen.


It was a smart decision for me to buy it.  It made my kitchen elegant and functional.

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